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Quality Toy Stuffing Upholstery Stuffing 3kg, 5kg and10kg

upholstery stuffing

3,5 or 10 Kilograms of Carded Virgin Fibre Extra Soft Polyester Fibre Filling The Better Dreams upholstery stuffing fibre filling is ideal for filling soft toys, seat pads, cushions, pillows and much more. It is machine washable and complies with the British fire safety regulations. This Hypo-Allergenic carded extra soft polyester virgin fibre, also comes […]

Diamond Memory Foam Pillow Best Nights Sleep Ever!!

memory foam pillow

One of our customers was really happy with these pillows, Alison said ‘I have just had the best nights sleep I have ever had!‘ This orthopedic diamond memory foam pillow is filled with 100% visco elastic memory foam crumb to give the perfect nights sleep. Our diamond memory foam pillows are made in the UK, […]