Diamond Memory Foam Pillow Best Nights Sleep Ever!!

memory foam pillow

One of our customers was really happy with these pillows, Alison said ‘I have just had the best nights sleep I have ever had!

This orthopedic diamond memory foam pillow is filled with 100% visco elastic memory foam crumb to give the perfect nights sleep.

Our diamond memory foam pillows are made in the UK, they are hypoallergenic, have a 100% visco elastic memory foam shell and a 100% visco elastic memory foam Filling, with a quality polyester diamond cover.

This is the perfect balance between a full memory foam pillow and a regular pillow, as these are filled with an extremely high quality memory foam crumb, that is already soft. So once you lay down to sleep the pillow quickly moulds to your neck and head, creating a comfortable cradle for your head while you sleep.

This is a firm pillow that is heat reactive, so as your body temperature gets warmer the pillow gets softer, supporting the head and neck in the correct sleeping position and maintaining good spine alignment, ensuring a better nights sleep.

This memory foam orthopedic pillow has Fast and Free UK Delivery!!

memory foam pillows