Largest Pillow Fight In The world

Looks like they had an amazing time breaking this world record 🙂

The new record: 4,200 participants, blasting the old record of 3,813. (There were actually 4,447 people on the field, but organizers didn’t have enough pillows for everyone.)

Two and a half hours after the gates opened at 11 a.m., the fight broke out to the tune of Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” this year’s anthem of every inner child.

It was all over 60 seconds later – the time required by Guinness World Records. Hot, sweaty and dehydrated – not from fighting but from waiting in the sun – students chanted the Anteater call “Zot! Zot! Zot!” after Guinness adjudicator Annie Nguyen counted down the final seconds.

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