Monsters Inc Bean Bag Official Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Bean Bag


A very cool Monsters Inc bean bag, featuring everybodys favourite Monsters Inc characters!

Our Monsters Inc bean bag chair is an officially licensed childrens bean bag. Your kids will love the soft and cushioned comfort of this Monsters University bean bag, while reading, watching tv or playing games. This childrens bean bag is designed using bright but cozy colours and has everybodys favourite Monsters Inc characters adorned, including Mike, Sulley, Art and Squishy šŸ™‚

The bean bag is ready filled for you and it is easy to maintain with a simple sponge clean.

100% Hardwearing high-quality Monsters Inc design cotton cover, contains non-flatten beans which offer a more comfortable bean bag and longer lasting.

This is an official Disney Pixar Monsters, Inc bean bag chair for kids, Monsters Inc fans will love this cool and trendy bean bag!

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