Hotel Quality Pillows 100% Woven Striped Cotton


Luxury Hotel Quality Woven Striped Pillows, 100% Cotton Pillows which are Hypoallergenic and have a high 230 Thread Count.

These luxurious British-made pillows from Better Dreams, have the finest 100% cotton cover, which has a stripe woven into the fabric, it is breathable and soft, giving a truly luxurious feel. Each pillow is filled with soft 100% high loft virgin hollowfibre, which easily out lasts and out performs standard pillows, in peformance and lastability.

These luxury pillows are made to an extremely high standard and because of its medium to firm support, its perfect for side and back sleepers. Enjoy a great night’s sleep, every single night! Great quality at a great price!

These Luxury Hotel Quality Woven Striped Pillows have FREE UK Delivery